My Current Favorite Things

I have been LOVING these items, and I just had to share them with you!

These are by far my favorite pens ever! They’re erasable! Get them here!

These headphones go on the outside of your ears! They use vibrations on the outside of your head to somehow put the music inside! It’s like magic. And you can still hear what’s going on around you! Check them out here.

I love these pens for my planner because they’re super fine tips! See them here.

I love these on my desk to keep track of my cords. The magnet is super strong! See it here.

I love this moisturizer! See it here!

These shorts are the BEST under a summer dress. They even have pockets! See them here.

These jeans are so stretchy and comfy and they come in a wide variety of sizes. I refuse to give up my skinny jeans, even if my teenage daughters think they’re not fashionable anymore. Check them out here.

Okay, so I know these are just more pens. But they’re SPARKLY! I adore them and you can find them here!

This might not be as fun as sparkly pens, but no one likes to clean out a drain. This keeps the hair from going down! See it here!

Sleep mask for your lips. Smells good and fixes lips! Get it here.

(Affiliate links for the products above.)

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