Cozy Mystery 99¢ Sale

Hold onto your snow boots because I’ve got an ice-cold mystery to thaw out and a massive sale just for you! 🥶

Introducing Snowed, the seventh spine-chilling installment in the Rylie Cooper Mystery Series! 🔍

Rylie thought her days of investigating were behind her, but when a snowstorm traps her, (no spoilers), and a group of strangers in a cozy mountain lodge, there’s no turning back. With wedding bells on the horizon, this should have been the happiest time in Rylie’s life. But when a dead body and one of (no spoilers)’s exes turn up, she’s forced to confront both a chilling whodunit and the icy grip of jealousy. 💔

As the storm outside rages on, the tension inside reaches a boiling point. Can Rylie solve the case without putting her future with (no spoilers) on thin ice? Or will this frosty mystery send a shiver down her spine that she can’t shake? 🌬️

Find out what’s brewing in Snowed, where love and suspense are a match made in mystery heaven. 💘

Don’t let the cold keep you away! Get your copy now for only $.99 and unravel this tale of love, jealousy, and murder in the Rylie Cooper Mystery Series. ⛄️

Stay warm and happy reading! 📚🔥

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Mid-Series Freebie Frenzy

Are you ready to shake things up and dive into a mid-series FREEBIE FRENZY? 🥳 For a limited time, grab TONS of exciting cozies including Tango Trouble and Bungled absolutely FREE! 💥 You won’t want to miss this double dose of fun, so keep reading for more details. 😉

Dance your way through a chilling murder mystery in Cliff Haven with Tango Trouble. 💃🏻 As Ellie teaches tango classes to warm up those cold winter nights, she stumbles upon a sinister scene that will have her twisting and turning through a baffling investigation. Can she keep her balance and solve the case, or will the killer dance away scot-free? Join Ellie and the gang in this thrilling fourth installment of the Magical Mane Mystery series, packed with dance puns and suspense! Plus, don’t forget the bonus short story, Argentina Abduction, included at the end! 🌟

Switch gears and cast your line into a fishing tournament filled with rumors and rivalry in Bungled. 🎣 Rylie thought the fishing event would be a simple distraction from wedding planning, but things get fishy when two exes – both fishing superstars – join the competition. Can Rylie stay out of trouble, catch the cheaters, and find her perfect wedding dress? 🤔


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I love this moisturizer! See it here!

These shorts are the BEST under a summer dress. They even have pockets! See them here.

These jeans are so stretchy and comfy and they come in a wide variety of sizes. I refuse to give up my skinny jeans, even if my teenage daughters think they’re not fashionable anymore. Check them out here.

Okay, so I know these are just more pens. But they’re SPARKLY! I adore them and you can find them here!

This might not be as fun as sparkly pens, but no one likes to clean out a drain. This keeps the hair from going down! See it here!

Sleep mask for your lips. Smells good and fixes lips! Get it here.

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