Cozy Mystery 99¢ Sale

Hold onto your snow boots because I’ve got an ice-cold mystery to thaw out and a massive sale just for you! 🥶

Introducing Snowed, the seventh spine-chilling installment in the Rylie Cooper Mystery Series! 🔍

Rylie thought her days of investigating were behind her, but when a snowstorm traps her, (no spoilers), and a group of strangers in a cozy mountain lodge, there’s no turning back. With wedding bells on the horizon, this should have been the happiest time in Rylie’s life. But when a dead body and one of (no spoilers)’s exes turn up, she’s forced to confront both a chilling whodunit and the icy grip of jealousy. 💔

As the storm outside rages on, the tension inside reaches a boiling point. Can Rylie solve the case without putting her future with (no spoilers) on thin ice? Or will this frosty mystery send a shiver down her spine that she can’t shake? 🌬️

Find out what’s brewing in Snowed, where love and suspense are a match made in mystery heaven. 💘

Don’t let the cold keep you away! Get your copy now for only $.99 and unravel this tale of love, jealousy, and murder in the Rylie Cooper Mystery Series. ⛄️

Stay warm and happy reading! 📚🔥

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